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How can I repair sun, salt or chlorine damaged hair?

Summers are all about spending time outside, at the pool or at the beach. Unfortunately, that means our hair’s exposure to sun, chlorine and salt increases considerably throughout the season. As with everything else, too much of anything can have negative effects, and that applies to our hair as well. 

What are the effects of chlorine and the sun on hair?

Prolonged exposure to the sun can dry out skin. UV rays can contribute to the development of a dry and sensitive scalp (which can lead to dandruff)as well as to the disintegration of keratin cells (proteins which give strength, shine and elasticity to hair follicles.) Too much sun can even lead to hair depigmentation and dullness. Chlorine causes its own damage, drying out hair follicles which can lead to rough, lackluster hair and an itchy, irritated scalp. 

What treatments should I use to prevent dry hair? 

We recommend washing your hair and following up with a hydrating treatment whenever you spend a long day in the sun, pool or at the beach. Using a moisturizing hair mask on a regular basis throughout the summer can help keep your hair and scalp hydrated and prevent your hair from deteriorating or becoming dull and dry. 


In addition to being deeply hydrating, our hair mask strengthens and thickens hair, restores suppleness and shine, and volumizes hair while protecting it from the elements. Apply it at least one a week to all areas of the scalp and hair. 


What is the scalp brush for? 

Our brand new scalp massage brush is perfect for using in tandem with the hair mask. It deep cleans the scalp, removes excess skin cells and impurities and helps to reduce irritation and dandruff – all while providing a pleasant scalp massage! Simply apply your favourite haircare product and massage into scalp using gentle, circular movements. Clean brush after each use.

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