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Women at the Top Initiative

Since May 2021, menstrual products have been offered free of charge at Womance (and now also at Sans-Façon). According to our small internal study, this costs approximately $0.07 per day, per employee. Should menstrual products be free in as many organizations as possible? We think so.

Here's what it means:

In order to encourage several companies to follow suit, our team decided to take matters into their own hands. Are you uncomfortable asking your superiors to offer free menstrual products where you work? Do you think it should be offered both in restaurants and in shopping centers? WE'RE HERE FOR YOU.

During the month of March, in all orders Womance, you will receive a tool to help you spread the message. Don't hesitate to leave it in places where you believe
that this message should be heard.

We are 50% women in Quebec and 50% men. 50% who are relieved that feminine hygiene products become free. 50% who have the opportunity to become agents of change!

Psstt... Our incentives will also be offered free of charge in the 2 Womance stores in Quebec and Quartier Dix30.

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